The Family Society of Isaac Wargelin

The roots of Isak Wargelin family are in the west coast of Finland, in Ostrobothnia, in a small village of Yliharma and in its church and vicarage. The Family Society has been founded in 2006 in order to cherish the memory of Isak Wargelin (1753 – 1813) as the first chaplain of Yliharma and the founder of the parish. The aim of this Family Society is to examine the family history, to treasure the family traditions as well as to bring together the members of the Family Society by organizing family meetings, and by supporting research and publishing. The Isak Wargelin Family Book has been published in 2010.

Information about our Family Society and our ancestors as well as their living conditions can be found on these pages. Every member of the Wargelin family, either by father’s or mother’s side or by marriage, can join the Family Society. The members can upgrade their own contact information and maintain the data in the Family book on these pages.

Dear relatives, let us keep in touch, and let us get acquainted with our roots in Ostrobothnia. Meanwhile we can study and record facts of our descents by meeting and discussing with our old relatives, and contacting the Society.

Next family meeting will be in July 24th 2016 in Ylihärmä.

Dear Child Has Many Names

Our ancestor was baptised as Isaac Anders' son Wargelin. The written form of his name varies depending on the situation it is used. On the front page of his thesis in Latin he is named Isaacus, in the name of the Finnish Family Society  he is named Isak, but on the front page of the Family Book as well as in the email adress he is named Isac. The people of Yliharma called him in Finnish as Iisakki and the name still lives in the name of Yliharma center, that is called for Iisakkila.





Dear relatives overseas,

it will take some time before all the material is translated into English. The pages, that are ready, are the Happenings and the Contact pages. Your help is needed in order to get newsclips of the family members, stories of the family as well as pictures both from America and Finland. It is the meaning to publish material both in Finnish and in English on these pages. Please, contact us! The email adresses of the members of the board are on the page Contact us.