Thesis from the Academy of Turku

The thesis in Swedish: The Use of Raspberries in Householding
The thesis in Latin

The Two Theses of Isaac Wargelin

Two of the academic works of Isaac Wargelin from the late 18th century are kept on the archives of the University of Helsinki. One of the thesis is in Latin Dissertatio Gradualis: Ambitionem, ceu Perversum Motivum Excitandi Juventutem ad Culturam Litterarum and the other in Swedish  Om Nyttan af Hallon i Hushållningen, The Use of Raspberries in Householding.  that was written under guidance of Pehr Kalm. Perh Kalm was a botanist and contemporary and associate of the famous botanist Carl von Linné.


Isaac Wargelin 9300 Ylioppilasmatrikkeli 1640-1852. Verkkojulkaisu 2005 <>. Luettu 21.5.2015.

Ambitio, ceu perversus motivus excitandi juventutem ad culturam litterarum, luettu 21.5.2015

Om nyttan af hallon i hushållningen, luettu 21.5.2015